Precious Moments Wedding Cars

The latest addition to our fleet. A 1999 London Black cab. Or to give its full title A London Taxis International TX1. 

The TX1 was launched on London's roads in 1997 and designed to replace the aging FX4. The body was designed to recall several distinctive styling cues of the FX4. It won the approval and acceptance of London cab drivers as it sufficiently maintained the spirit of the London cab.

Our TX1 was retired from service as an All London Cab in November 2015. On reaching 15 years old, all London Black cabs are automatically retired from service.

We brought this one back from South West London to give it a dignified and pampered retirement as a wedding car. 

It has a passenger to driver intercom fitted. The roof and interior For Hire lights illuminate. 

We are going to be making some subtle changes to the interior but still in keeping with its Black cab character.

Like the Daimler it has a chrome grille that gives it a real presence on the road, especially when it has ribbons on the front of it. It is a real head turner here in Cornwall.

It can be dressed with your choice of ribbon and colour of flowers.

Morepictures of the London Cab will be added soon.