Precious Moments Wedding Cars

The latest addition to our fleet was acquired to replace our BMW 5-series.

We wanted something more luxurious and elegant and in keeping with the design of the Daimler DS420.

There was only one car that fitted the criteria, the Daimler's younger cousin, a Jaguar XJ6.

Inside is a sumptuious cream leather interior and lots of wood trim.

The Jaguar is the 3.2 Executive model. The executice badge was attached to the last of the 6 cylinder powered XJ6 cars. The last of the true Jaguar engines.

Our Jaguar is a 1996 3.2 Executive.  She is finished in a Metalic Dark Blue with a cream leather interior.

Although not as imposing as our Daimler DS420 She is still a handsome car and holds her own when accompanying the Daimler. 

She is a large car in her own right but as with most other cars is dwarfed by the Daimler.

The Blue of the Jagaur and Windsor Blue of the Daimler compliment each other.

She can have whatever colour of ribbon you require on your special day.