Precious Moments Wedding Cars

We hire out Illuminated 4 foot tall letters.

Very heavy and solid. I can testify to this due to lifting them.

What is unique about our letters is that they can go anywhere. They are not restricted by cables due to being LED lights with their own individual power packs.

The LED lights are covered with Cobochon caps which give the star effect to each bulb.

The MRS & MRS letters can be provided to you how you want, i.e MR & MRS, MR & MR etc.

Both 'LOVE' and 'MRS & MRS' are priced the same inclusive of set up and delivery and collection. There are no added fees.

We have full public liability insurance cover for the letters.

The letters are priced at £99 for LOVE and £110 for MR & MRS, or £165 for both sets. There are no hidden fees. This price is if your venue is in Cornwall.

If you want to hire out letters outside of Cornwall then please contact us and we can discuss your individual requirements.