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This "last of the real limousines" was built by Daimler from 1968 until 1992. Many small changes were incorporated during these 25 years. They allow the actual age of a car to be determined quite accurately just from its external appearance.

The (English) Daimler company was founded in Coventry, England in 1893. It was named after the German inventor Gottlieb Daimler, but never had any business relationship with other car manufacturing companies such as Austro Daimler or Daimler Benz. Jaguar bought the Daimler company in 1960.

Most body panels for the DS420 were manufactured by Motor Panels, and the body was assembled by Park Sheet Metal, both in Coventry. Until 1979, the bare body was then shipped to VandenPlas in Kingsbury, London, for the final assembly. In late 1979, when VandenPlas closed, the final assembly came to Jaguar's Browns Lane site where a group of specialist craftsmen continued to build this car virtually by hand. The average production was less than one car per day.

4141 of these limousines were built, and another 903 cars were delivered in chassis-only form to the hearse manufacturers Wilcox, Eagle Specialist Vehicles, Woodall Nicholson and Thomas Startin Jr.The clientele was very mixed: limousine rental companies such as Hertz/Daimler Hire and Avis bought this car in large quantities. The Regent Hotel in Hong Kong was another large customer, with over 20 of these cars. But it was also bought for Heads of State, Ministries of Defence (the car could be equipped with armour plating) and many other Government agencies through the entire Commonwealth. The late British Queen Mother had five of these cars consecutively, and the British Royal Mews still have three DS420 limousines in active service. The Royal Courts of Denmark and Sweden and the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg also have this model in active service. Former users are the courts of Spain, Belgium, Monaco, Morocco, Jordania, Bahrein, and many presidents. The most excentric customer was the American billionaire Howard Hughes.

We searched for many months until we found our Daimler. She is a 1985 model, hand built at Jaguar's Browns Lane factory. The rear pasenger compartment is finished in a blue velour upholstery. She can carry 6 passengers in comfort.

Prices for the Daimler start at £350

We are happy to work with other Wedding car Hire companies, and can offer a two Daimler DS420 service subject to the availability of the second car.